State of the Cousins

Hey All!

I wanted to give you a quick rundown of the current state of things with the Cousins.

During the last 12 months, we’ve run into some interesting challenges as a group. Thanks to your support, we were able to experience huge success on our West Coast tour. Our success bread lots of momentum for the group. Our fan base was growing, in Phoenix as well as other cities, and we were seeing major opportunities to tour extensively. Unfortunately, success as a band doesn’t always coincide with financial success at first. We found ourselves in the middle. The elevated state of the band was calling for higher commitment than a local show or two a month. However, we weren’t bringing in enough capital to ask the other members to leave their jobs, families, and lives behind. Without any 3rd party capital, touring with the same full 7 member lineup has proven to be unrealistic. I have decided to take this project in a slightly (and it is only slightly) new direction. That brings us to now.

I am still continuing this project with the help of Dan and Daniel. Cousin Affect has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years now, and I’m not ready to give up on it. I’ve also enlisted help from Mike Kenney, a close friend of mine. In May, I packed up all my belongings in a Budget van and moved across the country to Chicago. I am excited to see what a new culture can do for this project. I am in the midst of writing another CA record, as well as producing videos, maintaining this blog, and focusing on our presence in all the social media markets. My goal is to downsize the project temporarily to make it a little more manageable, gain momentum, and eventually expand back out into the full live band setting you all have supported so faithfully. In my ideal world, I would have all the same members we started with because I love all of them so much. But the world isn’t ideal, and I’m not sure that will work out. I am hoping that all of you will still support this project in the next few years, even if the lineup goes through a few changes. Mike Kenney and I are figuring out lots of interesting ways to become more a part of community service with Cousin Affect. After all, giving back was always more important to us than anything else. I hope we can keep you all engaged. I hope you still visit our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as this blog every once in awhile, say hello, and stay up to date. Although we won’t be playing live as frequently, we will still be releasing lots of new material and community service campaigns. If you believe in our project, please keep up your support. We have no chance without you.

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